Efficient platforms with higher availability for early detection of diseases

Affordable and timely molecular diagnosis is required in hospitals, care centers, and homes; however, most conventional diagnostic methods are limited in use or very expensive. At UTAGENE, we facilitate diagnostic tests in healthcare, in industrial environments, and at home by utilizing innovative technologies.

Among the developed biomedical platforms are loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP), nicking enzyme amplification reaction (NEAR), and CRISPR-based diagnosis. In these technologies, various methods can be used for detection, such as colorimetric assay, fluorescent method, or thin-layer chromatography (TLC). In the fluorescent method, UTAGENE designs beacon probes and offers the highly sensitive LAMP-Beacon platform in the multiplex diagnostic products to detect the presence of multiple targets at the same time.

The technologies developed at UTAGENE can rapidly provide the necessary solutions and tools in the diagnostic industry and meet the diagnostic needs corresponding to any sample, target, and location. Thus, with the help of these platforms, the production and development of effective point-of-care testing (POCT) products will be achieved in the future; timely results will empower healthcare professionals to make more appropriate and efficient decisions for treatment or control the disease.

UTAGENE is a pioneer in developing a new model of molecular testing for infectious diseases, cancer, food, and agriculture. With products of UTAGENE, specialists can perform a diagnostic test with minimal training and present the results within 30 minutes of receiving the sample. Our platforms can quickly provide accurate and sensitive results due to their unique design based on nucleic acid amplification.

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